As a member of P.E.N. you will strategically be located worldwide and be able to offer your customers respective entry gates to the global markets. Your worldwide partners operate as your exclusive subsidiaries in any country and are all specialized in field activities. Their common history in project and heavy lift transportation will give your customers the opportunity to have professional transport expertise to move their products and provide their services for their customers to and in any places in the world.

The P.E.N. Management considers it to be their responsibility to support its members in their daily project processes. For this reason you may take advantage of our benefits.


Legal advice

Business Development

Baltic Exchange

International Sales

Trade Fairs

Insurance (Freight Protection Plan)

P.E.N. has negotiated a binding Freight Protection Plan which will be signed by each member in order to protect each member against the loss of outstanding debts. P.E.N. members will receive an instant confirmation that their sign-up has been received, and subject to the application has been filled in thoroughly, no additional clarifications are required. Applications will be assessed by Underwriters. Applicant will receive feedback whether they have been accepted as member within two weeks after submission of the application. In the case of approval for Membership including the Freight Protection Plan, members will receive an Underwriters FREIGHT PROTECTION PLAN CERTIFICATE, and they will be authorized to use Underwriter’s LOGO as well as our P.E.N. LOGO on their website, their company documents and for corporate communication.