Service Plus

Project Training

The P.E.N. Management offers its members training courses and various topics related to project logistics. Our ambition is to enhance the value of the network and its members on technical project planning and legal issues. The trainings will be organized and conducted by skilled experts and will be based on timesaving methods without waiving any quality. Our methods ensure the acquisition of skills which otherwise would take months to adopt.

P.E.N.’s training program “Shaping the Future” will be available for all members. The program includes sessions such as quotation breakdowns, equipment control, workshops simulating complete cargo transportation for instance to meet just-in-times deadlines, as well as exercises, why a customer should choose our members for his contract!

Trade Fairs

The P.E.N. Management will ensure the networks’ representation on all mayor trade fairs in the field of heavy lift and project logistics. Members will be invited to provide promotion material, which will be displaced on individual and prominent sights.