Any company applying for a membership at the exclusive and unique network of experts in project planning and heavy lift transportation will have to complete the membership form.

All applicants will be presented to the P.E.N. Executive Committee for examination and acceptance.

By means of a unique Freight Protection Plan all members will be protected against loss of outstanding debts caused by a P.E.N. member. The insurance premium will be included in the annual membership fee. Members will receive an Insurance Certificate by the Underwriters.

The membership fee is due on submission of the application form.

The membership fee includes all assessment fees and insurance premium for one year, beginning with the membership acceptance and will be 3.000 €.


After approval of the applicant through the P.E.N. Executive Committee and the Freight Protection Plan the applicant will receive full membership status and will then be invited to hold a presentation at the upcoming conference.

In case of non-acceptance of the applicant as a member of P.E.N. the full membership fee will be refunded – after deduction of an administration allowance of 400 €.